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          Chesterton Coffee House Returns Thursday

          Not a sit-down concert, not background music, somewhere in the middle.

          The Heights Music Department kicks off its “Chesterton Coffee House” series this Thursday, December 5th.  The opening night features The Heights Jazz Combo, The Heights Big Band, and, some friends of ours from the outside, the Will Tynch Quintet.

          Pat Love and Doc Strother created this series of evenings in order to foster an environment for beholding and delighting in Beautiful things.  Not a sit-down concert, not background music, somewhere in the middle.

          Located in Chesterton Hall, named for the witty and intelligent G.K. Chesterton, Chesterton Coffee House is a school-sponsored venue providing a meeting stage for professional and student musicians and artists.  With the goal of a laid back environment for the appreciation and contemplation of the good and beautiful in music, the coffee house is a place where organic friendship, desire and discovery blossom.  Parents are encouraged to bring one or more of their children to sit down and listen to live music in an intimate setting.  Perfect for a night out, a daddy-daugter or mother-son date or simply a safe place to bring kids to experience live music in the nations’ capital.

          Whether attending a Jazz and Java or a Classical and Coffee event, the elements of the Chesterton Coffee House remain the same – a conversational and intimate atmosphere where listeners actively experience live music while sipping a beverage and listening to and contemplating the beautiful things that have been prepared for them in the company of friends.


          • $10 cover per person: Kids younger than 9th grade require a ticket and an accompanying paying adult. Your cover includes your first drink (hot drink cup, soda, beer, wine)
          • Additional Drink tickets are $5 each


          • 6:30pm – Doors open
          • 7:00pm to 7:45 – Heights Jazz Combo and Big Band
          • 8:00pm to 9:00pm – Will Tynch Quintet


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          Contact the Admissions Office

          Director of Admissions and Outreach
          • Rich Moss
          • 301.365.0227 ext. 112
          • rmoss@heights.edu
          Associate Director of Admissions
          • Nate Gadiano
          • 301.365.0227 ext. 113
          • ngadiano@heights.edu
          Admissions Coordinator
          • Dorothy Reilly
          • 301.365.0227 ext. 176
          • dreilly@heights.edu

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