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          Winter Lower and Middle School Open House

          “There’s no place like The Heights!” “Only at The Heights!” We hear it all the time… let us show you why it’s true!

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          Our 2020 Winter Open House will take place on Wednesday, January 8th from 8:20am to 10am.

          • Receive a tour of campus from our Heads of School.
          • Hear our Headmaster, Mr. Alvaro de Vicente discuss the mission of The Heights and how we implement and live that mission;
          • Learn about the clubs, activities, and curriculum that enable The Heights to provide big-school opportunities in a small-school setting.

          Schedule of events:

          • 8:20:  Open House begins with coffee and refreshments
          • 8:30:  Headmaster’s Presentation in the Living Room
          • 9:00:  Tours of campus led by our Heads of School
          • 9:50 (Optional) Join us in our chapel for Daily Mass

          If you have questions about the Open House, or to schedule a Student Visit, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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