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          Capital Campaigns

          In contrast to Crescite Fund gifts, which support the current fiscal year’s operating budget and day-to-day requirements, capital gifts launch curricular programs and building projects that assist the long-term growth of the School. These needs are identified through careful strategic planning by the Heights Board of Directors.

          In the spring of 2006, the Board approved the launch of the Tower Campaign. The Tower Campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising endeavor in Heights history, raising over $12 million, and made possible the construction of a new administrative building and chapel as well as the renovation of the middle school building and upper athletic field.

          In the spring of 2017 the Board approved the launch of the Campus Campaign to improve the School’s athletic fields and music building.  The Campus Campaign is currently underway.

          Completion of The Heights Master Plan, which includes a dining hall, athletic center, performing arts center, new middle school, and additional parking, would require a similar strategic plan and capital endeavor. If you are interested in supporting a major capital project, please contact Phil McGovern, CFO, by phone at 301.365.4300 x. 119 or by email at pmcgovern@heights.edu.

          Donate to the Crescite Fund

          Click here to make a gift to the Crescite Fund today.


          Business Office

          Chief Financial Officer
          • Philip McGovern
          • 301.365.0227 ext. 119
          • pmcgovern@heights.edu
          Director of Current-Parent Giving
          • James Kolakowski
          • 301.365.0227 ext. 254
          • jkolakowski@heights.edu

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